This blog is my personal Paradigm.
I am an amateur
-love to have a camera in my hand
-it's all about trial and error, mostly error
-love capturing and looking at photos
-not good with people pictures, just starting to work on this aspect of photography.
The odd reblog of my daughters pictures may show up here, but otherwise all photographs have been taken by me. My photos are Copyrighted Material and CAN NOT be used or reproduced in any form without my written permission, unless it is for a reblog on Tumblr, you have attributed the reblog to me and linked it back to my page. I hope you enjoy.

I have started a second Tumblr blog for
my "art" photography. Check it out at

I have now added a third blog, an appreciation blog, of tumblr blogs I follow or who follow it. The goal of this blog is to have some sort of theme on each page. Please visit

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